5 Ways You Can Prevent Heart Disease

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Most of us already know that poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, eating bad choices, consuming too much alcohol and living a sedentary lifestyle can affect your heart. When combined altogether, they will set up the perfect stage for heart disease and lower your metabolism.

So what can we do to make better choices for our health and heart? Check out these five ways you can prevent heart disease.

Make a Diet Change

Following healthy eating with fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein, and whole grains will promote a healthy heart and enhance your overall diet. Steer clear of processed foods that lead to cholesterol as well as sodas, white rice, bread, salt, and refined sugar.

Reach a Healthy Weight

The extra fat you keep around your bell will put a strain on your heart and also lead to diabetes. If you are overweight, consider losing 10% of fat to help make a better impact on your heart, blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure.

Stay Active

Following a healthy exercise daily will help fight against chronic heart conditions and diseases. A simple thirty-minute workout will do wonders for the body and also improve your blood pressure.

Consume in Moderation

If you enjoy sweets or drink alcohol, consider limiting our intake in moderation. Stick to no more than two servings a day for men and one serving for women.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking cigars, cigarettes and pipes will affect the heart and arteries just as it damages the lungs. Even if you don’t smoke, second-hand smoke is also toxic to the body

Following these healthy choices will help you stay motivated and keep a healthy heart. Be sure to keep track of your progress and set goals for a successful change.